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Newborn // Wyatt

March 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I honestly fell in love with how real Chris & Kristen are. I don't care if that sounds weird to say, but I genuinely got to know them at their maternity shoot just by watching them be cute with one another and joke around with me. It was nice. It felt like I was hanging out with my siblings or cousins or something. When I fall in love with a couple, which honestly I do all the time. Yep clients don't be scared, I truly fall in love with you all. Is that weird? I hope not, I'm just a big lovebug I tell ya. Anyway when this happens, especially with maternity clients, I get so stinkin excited to meet your new addition to the family. Maybe sometimes a bit too excited. Meeting Wyatt felt like that. I loved cuddling him and trying to get him to sleep, which he didn't always do, as you will see with some of his precious wide eyed shots. But I also LOVED watching these first time parents look at him with such adoration and love. They are absolutely head over heels in love with this little man and let me tell you something, the pictures don't do some of his expressions justice. He would make the funniest faces and I would have to stop photographing, giggle, gather my composure, and continue. Below are some of my favorites!


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