The Lord has blessed me with a passion for making others smile and in turn it makes me smile.


My name is Lo and I fell in love with photography when I got my hands on my first disposable camera back in the day. I became an Aunt when I was 11 years old, so my nieces were my models. When they were born it only solidified how much I truly loved being around children and how much joy I found capturing people and moments. Shortly after, I decided I would someday open up my own business and call it Lae_Lo. I thought I was clever choosing that name. In case you're dying to know, LAE stands for my first, middle, and maiden name. Lo is obviously my name. So it's pronounced "lay-low", which let me tell you, my 3rd grade mind thought that was brilliant! 

It wasn’t until the end of 2011 after my Mom gave me a strong gentle but loving push in the right direction by gifting me an amazing professional camera {thanks Mama!}, that I finally thought maybe I can start my own business... Of course then I thought could I get away with calling it LAE_LO Photography... its been a long journey but this is exactly where God had always intended for me to be.

I live a dream. You know the saying, "do what you love and love what you do???" I'm doing it! I want to be able to take photos that last a lifetime, in memories and in print. I want to make children smile. I absolutely love what I do.


Quick Facts About Me:

*The Lord & my faith is first and foremost the most important thing in my life.

*I have the most amazing supportive handsome husband around.

*We have two beautiful IVF miracles...{if you are going thru infertility, you are not alone. Cling to hope}

*I'm a homebody. I feel safe and happiest at home with my little family.

*I love watching most anything on hgtv. I secretly love designing and home improvement hacks and organizing.

*I love cooking shows. I can't cook much of anything, so I think I just watch in envy.

*I love being outside with my kids. *I love dancing and singing. Seriously I'm always singing.

*Water is my favorite drink, but it has to be ice water. I only like the taste of certain waters. I'm a weird one.

*I'm sensitive, over the top loving, and love making people happy. 

Anyway enough about me. I just wanted to share a bit so you get to know me before meeting me.


The Lord has blessed me with a passion for making others smile & in turn it makes me smile.

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