Here’s what I send cake (any food) smash clients 

(you do not have to do a food smash but it is super adorable)

Props: Here’s a link that has pictures of my props. Some little props in the photos might not be mine but most everything is.


Make sure to bring:

-balloons (if you want)

-the cake or whatever dessert or food you are choosing to have, some have done donuts, icecream, muffins, pizza, cookies, burgers, Mac n cheese, etc

-flowers or toys or soap/bubbles for bath tub if you want to end the session in one of my tubs, I will bring the warm water, you can bring fruit and/or flowers to add to it too or milk. If you do milk please bring 1/2 gallon whole milk, please leave milk out so it's not cold.

-LOTS of wipes, no seriously a lot just in case 😂

-a towel

-a trash bag so you can clean up the mess super easy

-a blanket for them to sit on during cake smash that will be cute to photograph and so he/she's comfier and more away from any bugs. Even going to a fabric store and getting a small cut of a simple fabric works. I got a soft burlap cut for my son from hobby lobby. I got a ruffled pink one for my daughter and she ended up sitting on the ground. Nothing shiny or bright that would take away from your child. No crazy patterns unless you have a theme.  You can also just have them sit on the ground with nothing..


Package options: 

My $400 package includes up to 6 people so if you want to include some pictures of the family we will do that at the beginning and sibling shots too if you want! People typically do 2-3 outfit changes for their one year old but that is totally up to you. The shoot is roughly 45 mins. My $300 package includes 1 outfit with a prop, cake smash set up, then a bath. The shoot is roughly 20-30 mins.

The two packages can be viewed here.



As for outfits, I have a growing collection. You can let me know if you see any you like and we can see if they would fit your child. Some can’t be used for cake smash part while others can



I suggest clients look thru my Instagram photos (@laelophotography) and Facebook (Lae_Lo Photography) photos to see anything they like that is recent and screenshot it to me ❤️

Here is a link to some galleries of locations. Please note I cannot guarantee a location will look how it does in a photo you see. Time of year matters as well as the fact that the looks of locations change due to gardeners and such. Also time of day matters as well and not all locations I shoot at any time of day.